Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This blog’s steady descent into the pathetic(ker)

I’m now through the off-seasons of both my Wisconsin Dynasty and Packers Franchise. The “major” new additions (Spring Game – NCAA – and College All Star Game, Rookie Scouting – Madden) are fun and welcome, but too much of both modes is unchanged.

Since I played about ten (virtual) years worth of football on the 2006 games, it’s strange being awfully familiar with the first draft class imported from NCAA (I’d guess that 60-70% of the rookies were the same as the second draft class from last year). The class following the second season will probably end up being about 50% the same as the third class from last year. The discrepancy is a matter of players leaving early (either in real life or in the game) and readjusted player ratings between NCAA 2006 and 2007. The benefit of this familiarity is, obviously, knowing who’ll pan out and who to avoid. I won’t bore any of the two readers of this blog with a recap of my picks, or the entire draft (either of which I could do as a result of my ridiculous, basically pointless archiving*), however: somehow, Adrian Peterson (OU) fell all the way to the 27th pick of the first round, which is remarkable. I drafted him in the top 10 last year (he left school early), and he ended up becoming, by far, the best running back of his class. Also, the virtual draft crowd seems to be in a much better mood. Of my eight picks, six were cheered and none were booed, and I still got a ‘D’ draft grade.

With Wisconsin’s strong finish and respectable signing class (no tremendous recruits, but most will be red shirting as I had so few holes to fill) the Badgers entered 2007 ranked 20th overall. After four cream puff non-conference games (seriously, if Wisconsin wants to be taken seriously, they’re going to have to stop scheduling schools like Western Illinois, Buffalo, The Citadel…), I’ve crept up to number 16. I had to suspend P.J. Hill for three games because, apparently, he was cheating on his homework. He’ll be back in time for my Big Ten schedule (which is much stronger since I’m playing both Michigan and Ohio State). I’ve noticed, though, that a player that gets in trouble once in a season generally gets in trouble again. If that is the case, to get the NCAA off my ass, I might just suspend him for the year. It’s a drag because in the off-season I designated him as a captain (which, in turn, makes him an Impact Player at the start of the season). Based on the sliders I use, it’s pretty tough to gain significant yardage against quality defenses unless your back is an Impact Player.

At any rate, I feel pretty good going into the second seasons in these games. The Packers team is loaded with some quality young players. The tipping point will be Rodgers’s play. (Favre ended up retiring after all. He broke Marino’s career touchdown record and finished second in passing yards and interceptions.) Wisconsin is pretty deep and should be able to run over most competition.

* I realize it’s an awful control group, but whenever I think that I go way, way overboard managing my fake football games, I take a look at the Dynasty/Franchise Reports in the Madden Mania forums and realize that there are at least a few people out there that are much worse off than I am….


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Matt said...

I can't imagine that V.Madden could go on living after V. Favre retired. I think the real Madden might hang himself when B Favre retires. Well, unless someone new comes along who has the same (pardon my fag) joie de jouer as B Favre. I dunno, maybe P Rivers?

At 12:56 PM, Blogger 3000 said...

NahIdon'tknow...he might need to find someone else to refer to as the most "fun" player to watch, but as long as he can jock Brady and Manning (and especially as long as those two are duelin' it up), Johnny'll be fine.


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